How to get the best from your Makeup Eraser

How to get the best from your Makeup Eraser

   Did you know that Natural Rock’N Beauty  carries The Makeup Eraser?  Yes we saw this eraser some time ago and loved it so much we had to offer it to our audience.

  Makeup remover wipes and flushable wipes may be on the decline in the future due to its negative impact on the environment (Flushable? Pfft!  Hardly )

  Our favorite way to use The Makeup Eraser is before bed to wash our face with The Fresh Face Bundle that includes Afrique Essential Facial Wash and The Hibiscus and White Tea Toner.  The eraser is washable, long lasting  and hardy enough for a good wash !

 Catch our FULL SIZE  eraser in original pink or queen purple right here on  Just pick up your favorite and wash all the days work right away.

In fact here are a few good tips on how to get the best use and care from the your Eraser as follows PLEASE CLICK LINK BELOW 💕


I have queen purple. Don’t you just love how good this beauty works?