Our Complete Guide To Mini Twists & Braids - The Natural Hair Cheat Code

Our Complete Guide To Mini Twists & Braids - The Natural Hair Cheat Code

   We're so excited for the love that mini braids and mini twists are getting! 

  This hairstyle is becoming a wonderful equalizer in the natural hair community. The days of good hair and bad hair typing are coming to an end. Let's explain why we love them so much .

 True Protective Style

Twists and braids are so aesthetically beautiful in our opinion and allows hair growth uninterrupted . It is a true protective style.

  The twisted/braid is not weighted down by heavy extensions, roots not pulled out by too much tension and the ends of hair are tucked away.  

TIP : Minimize the time twists/braids are loose touching collars and rough fabrics to avoid that free haircut that nobody asked for. I had to learn this the hard way - For years I asked myself why does my twists stay at my shoulders? I finally figured it out and put my hair up .


My hair didn't grow past my shoulder until I recently figured out that I must protect the ends , not leave them out and down all the time


Higher shine and Texture

Every twist /braid set is different.  In my observation  since twisted hair is woven together, our natural scalp oil sebum ,has an easier time traveling down the hair shaft.
 I've seen many twisters have very shiny twists and braids. When my hair is loose and separate, my shine appears way more suede like.  I've also noticed that when left alone , my hair likes to curl on its own. 

Style Freedom

 This style is very similar to loose hair in the style versatility , You can do many styles with this hair do . Put it in a ponytail, wear it down occasionally , bangs or whatever.

 Yes you can wash and condition them . Your hair isn't locked so particles will not get stuck like they would in locs. 


Depending on your location, you may be one of few to adopt this hairstyle seriously .
 This may lead to you having to explain how you did your hair and your care routine.
If you hate extra attention, sorry about that.

Big Or Small 

  As you can see I love my braids pretty tiny , I find that the smaller they are the more styles I can do, and daily management is easier to me .
 Bigger twists may be for people short on time, less dexterity, and those just dipping their toe into twisting and want to take their hair down frequently .

 Here's My Itty Bitty Braid Routine

   It does take approximately three days for me to install them. I braid around the perimeter of my head then work my way inwards. I braid to the middle of the braid then two strand twist at the end. It stays in way better this way  and the softer twisted ends are attractively face framing. 

 I leave my twists in for most of the year but take them down completely 2x a year. When my braids get thick at the root and start feeling rough then its time to redo the individual braid.

 I  rebraid my hair in sections, when a sections starts floating with new growth (if you know what I mean).

 I wash my hair weekly or biweekly , and apply henna and indigo every month for grey coverage. I started getting grays in my 20s !

How I Keep My Twists Moisturized /Moisture Keeper

After shampooing and conditioning , I apply GALAXY HERBAL HAIR TEA , Shea butter to my ends and a little bit of JELLYBEAN GELLY to give that extra nourishment boost.
I then dry my hair in a turban or old tee shirt.

  When my hair is partially dry and I don't want to air dry  I whip out my favorite hair dryer The REVAIR and get to work!
In no time flat my hair is elongated and completely dry.

Shea Butter is lightly on my ends for air drying, because I just don't like drying with nothing to protect my twists. ( Oh yeah -I used the payment plan for the dryer, it was totally worth it!)

 At night I mist  GALAXY HERBAL HAIR TEA  lightly to my whole head and apply JETSETTER DEEP MOISTURE HAIR OIL to the ends.

 If my hair is really dry, like in the winter, then I use  pure refined shea butter on my twists concentrating on my ends.

  I usually put my twists in two French braids, cover with a satin bonnet then release in the morning. 

  Since I'm keeping my hair off my shoulders now,  I style it with a side bang and put the rest up in a satin covered mini scrunchie like these planet goody scrunchies from Target




 Finally you can experience tremendous length retention!

 The ends of your hair is tucked away , so the daily pulling and tugging that we do to our hair is absent.

 For the heavy handed , this is great for you. You're probably too rough anyway and your hair could use a break.
 Our textured hair is to be treated like a beautiful fine lace, not a bad thing to be punished. 

With that in mind, this style allows the hair to grow uninterrupted and unstressed it is ideal for textured hair.

It will show you what it can do if you give it space.

See my example here.


  I've gotten great jobs interviewing in my mini braids and worn them to work countless times, no questions asked.
 Unlike when I had my braid locs in, but that's another story for another day. The twists, no stress from any employer or organization. 

The twists look good I tell you!

Time Saver

  I have loads of extra time for getting ready, my routine is faster than ever. Just unbraid in the morning , style and go.
And as I mentioned, since my hair is already done my wash day is super fast and easy as well. 


Well I hope this guide to mini twists helped !

Do let me know your twist experience ,how you like your twists and have they grown for you ?


Happy Growing 

C. Ivy 

Holistic Trichologist , Founder


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