Bisou Decadent Facial Oil Cocktail - Perfect for Age Defying , Protection , Dry , Normal, Combination Skin

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    BISOU (bee-zoo)  French for kiss

Natural protection , nourishment , and youthful skin from one to two drops daily !

A perfect finish.

STEP Three Of The Complete Skin Love Routine. 

Enjoy Bisou Decadent Facial Oil Cocktail-

 •Luxurious Ingredients 
•Fast absorption 

• Fragrance free
• Non greasy finish

This light facial blend is  perfect for crucial moisture absorption and environmental protection . 

Bisou contains premium ingredients that helps soften skin and aids in skin recovery from various environmental stressors



  • Strengthens  epidermis, enhances elasticity
  • Age defying 
  • Delays wrinkles and age spots
  • Antioxidant powerhouse!
  • Promote cell regeneration
  • Protection and healing  


  • Firms skin
  • Great hydration
  • Omega 3 and Omega 6
  • Vitamin E
  • Improves elasticity 
  • High absorbency , quick delivery of benefits 
  • Skin soother 


  • High vitamin C 
  • Antioxidant booster
  • Keeps skin supple , fighting sallow skin
  • Slow down photoaging from sun damage
  • GLA  gamma linoleic acid benefits, includes the ability to heal and repair skin cells. 
  • Nourishes skin 

And more ! 

  BISOU provides a protective layer to spare your skin from potentially aging chemicals in coverage makeup as well.

Vegan and Fragrance free.
 Best for normal , combination skin . 


Apply one drop or two to a cleansed face day or night . Spread cocktail with hands over face and neck . Can be used under sunscreen and makeup . 

Discontinue if allergic during use. 8ml. Amber glass bottle 

Get started on your beautiful clear skin journey with Natural Rock’N Beauty 


Pair with Afrique essential facial wash, hibiscus and white tea toner for an amazing clear skin journey!