VIBE Moroccan Rhassoul Clay & Raw Cacao Mask

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Perfect For All hair types . Sensitive , Combo skin , Dry skin & Oily Skin - New Bigger Size & Scoop Included ! 


VIBE is a simple mix of Moroccan rhassoul clay and Cacao powder.

Together these simple earth ingredients can revitalize your skin or hair as a mask treatment . 


  • Rich in skin nourishing magnesium, potassium , calcium
  • Absorbs excess dirt and oil 
  • Extract impurities from skin
  • Reduces excess oil 
  • Fights dandruff
  • Natural shampoo
  • Conditions and detangles hair
  • Softens rough skin



  • High levels of antioxidant protection
  • Repairs, firms skin 
  • Anti inflammatory 
  • Soothes skin
  • Fights hair loss
  • Promotes hair growth 
  • Scalp health booster -grow stronger and healthier hair. 
  • Has been known to deepen darker hair tones

Enjoy the benefits of VIBE! Perfect for wash day , or a lazy Sunday . 


Mix one or more scoops   (depending on hair length) slowly with a small amount of liquid (water, Aloe Vera liquid, coconut milk) to form a paste or pudding like mixture . If you add too much liquid , its ok , it may run a little though. Apply on your choice of face of hair or both. 

Face- Spread over face , let dry , then rinse . 

Hair - Apply generously over hair , spreading from scalp to ends . Cover with a plastic cap ,let sit in hair for 1/2 hr. or more . Rinse. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.




Moroccan Rhassoul Clay , Raw Organic Cacao.