Shipping and Ordering-How to? 

It’s easy to order from our website

www.naturalrockn.com ! There’s colored bar above each item description,  simply add quantities and checkout or you can add to cart. Special sales are often automatically calculated in your cart 🛒

 Our shipping now FREE! USA and USA territories only. 

  Look for a medium blue/smaller  pink or turquoise bubble package in the mail 

We can ship internationally at standard international shipping rates. 

Can I be a tester? Is there an Ambassador program? 

   Occasionally we may partner with a small fun group for an limited ambassador program , watch out for more information in our newsletter 

Will there be more products soon?

Yes , I have many recipes ready but I always test and retest before dreaming of launching a new product.
 My creative engine is one woman horse power for now! All new products are human tested first by a select audience. And new product launches realistically take time unfortunately.  

Where are you located and made ?

Currently we are in the perimeter of Atlanta, Georgia.  Always Chicagoans at heart, born and raised .

Will you be doing any festivals or markets? 

Yes, I am planning on vending at a few Atlanta area markets for now . Please follow us on our social media channels to find out where and when .  Hope to meet you there !

UPDATED2020 : health first, this is temporarily suspended for Covid 19

Are your products vegan ? 

We have both Vegan and Vegetarian friendly products.  Some products  have beeswax and honey in the formulas , so those products are vegetarian . Look for the blue banner in the product description for product categories. 

What about preservatives ? Sulfates, phthalates and Parabens ? 

The majority of our product line is oil based , requiring no artificial preservatives. Grapefruit seed oil and vitamin E prevents aging in our products.  If you experience  a change such as melting after exposure to extreme conditions such as hot weather , it is recommended to place product in a cooler environment like a cute little makeup fridge . 

Products that have  to be preserved are water based - Black hibiscus  facial wash & Red Hibiscus and White Tea Toner 

  It is mandatory to preserve these items made with distilled water. We did search for a product that is as close to nature as possible to prevent harmful mold and fungal growth .

 We suggest adding your own water to your hair and body before use of our products such as Hibiscus Isle, and Flaminglo to bring out the best moisture boost. 

There are no sulfates, phthalates or Parabens in Natural Rock’N Beauty! We’re so proud to be free of the nasties that often come with beauty products - we don’t like to dilute our handmade formulas to stretch it for profit. 

Will you get certified by an animal rights organization? 

We hope to find a organization that is in line more so with our ideals. We are still looking currently. 

Why wont you make more  FLAMINGLO  hair butter in the summer ? 

I have limited success  creating butters during hot summer months unfortunately .  The high summer heat (especially in Atlanta ) will melt the hair butters . I am sure you don't want to open the mail and get splashed - right? 

I have a collaboration/business/ wholesale/media  inquiry ? 

  Wonderful ! We’re definitely open ONLY to real , traceable, searchable media,  and business organizations.  Please fill out the contact form or  direct message on our Instagram account (@naturalrocknbeauty) for the possibilities . Serious inquires only please. Please do not waste time with sending spam it will disposed of promptly.


Any more questions ? please go to our contact page and let us know.