Natural Rock'N Beauty Ingredients




Alma - Strengthen hair and scalp , reduce premature pigment loss from hair. stimulates hair growth , reduce hair loss,, prevent dry scalp,parasite infections ,  and dandruff . 

African Black Soap -  Made of  plantain  leaves , palm , and banana bark , cocoa pods , and shea butter

 African Black Soap - HAIR : Antiviral , antifungal , antibacterial . effective cleanser of scalp  leaving perfect environment for follicles to grow . Fight s hair loss, itchy scalp , eczema and other r skin conditions . SKIN : Abundance of antioxidants , Vitamins A and E , nourishment  of skin . Fights acne , eczema , psoriasis . Fades skin discolorations, relives dry and irritated skin . Evens texture and tone . 

Aloe Vera - Repairs dead skin cells on the scalp , conditioning , smoothing, shine . promotes hair growth . prevent itchy scalp . reduces dandruff. 

Apricot- Oleic acid , omega 9 fatty acid . Emollient making hair softer and pliable. Increases hydration level of hair and scalp and reduces dryness. 

Avocado -  HAIR :Rich in oleic acid and monosaturated fats . Penetrates hair shaft , rather than sitting on top . moisturizing your hair . strengthens  hair and prevents breakage.    SKIN : Excellent for moisture , rich in fatty acids , potassium , lecithin and many nutrients that nourish the skin . 

Baobab - Native to Africa , full of vitamin E , fatty acids ,antioxidants. Intense moisture for hair and scalp . Penetrates hair shaft to heal and protect hair . 

Babassu - Emollient . Deep moisture , inhibits aging , brings elasticity . natural sunscreen . Vitamins , fatty acids , phytosterols . Regenerates hair and regulates natural scalp processes. 

Beetroot - Reduces blemishes , prevents skin pigmentation . Evens complexion. Rich in iron , phosphorous,  and protein unifies for a healthy glow.. 

Black currant - Natural remedy,. antioxidative . nourishes dry and damaged skin restoring its natural glow. Softening and replenishes skin . Antiaging .

Castor - Old remedy  moisturizes  scalp  ,ease dandruff , leaving hair smooth and shiny . When applied to the scalp , known to enhance the hair follicles and promote hair growth and protect against hair loss.

Cacao-  HAIR :Prevent damage and revitalize hair . Magnesium boost , which strengthens and prevents hair loss.  Improves blood circulation in your scalp and wonderful anti inflammatory properties that reduce infections .SKIN: High levels of antioxidants protect and repair the skin from damage and premature aging . Strong anti-inflammatory , soothes redness and blemishes . Improving overall complexion .  

Coconut - Natural remedy for hair growth . vitamins and fatty acids found in coconut nourish the scalp and remove sebum buildup from hair follicles. 

Cranberry - High in antioxidants . Protects skin from environmental stress . Perfect ratio of omega 6 fatty acids meaning oil absorbs and hydrates  effectively into skin . 

Hibiscus - SKIN :  Called the BOTOX PLANT ! Antiaging . encourages fresh , youthful , and smooth complexion . Natural acids present help to purify skin by breaking down dead skin and increasing cell turnover , even fighting acne breakouts.  HAIR Boosting hair growth from dormant follicles , helps to thicken hair adding volume , Preventing split ends , dryness , breakage and frizz. Reducing scalp itchiness and dandruff. 

Honey - Opens up your pores to cleanse and get rids of blackheads . Antioxidants, antiseptic , antibacterial properties help fight acne , keeping pores free of oily dirt . Hydration and tighter skin , clearer complexion . 

Kukui - Ancient Hawaiian beauty ingredient . Amino and essential fatty acids . Penetrate hair shaft, leaving hair healthier looking and moisturized . Treats Itchy scalp and dandruff.  Regenerative effects. 

Meadowfoam - Antioxidant rich,  similar to jojoba . Resembles human sebum . Naturally helps your skin form a barrier to lock in moisture and deliver nutrients deep into skin .

Pomegranate - high antioxidants prevent damage caused by free radicals . Prevention of wrinkles and thickening skin. Hydration  and comfort from many skin aliments .  

Rhassoul Clay - Ancient Beauty secret of Morrocco , Africa . HAIR : reduces dryness , removing toxins and product buildup . Improves hair elasticity , unblocks scalp pores . Reduces dandruff ,helps detangle hair. Softens and moisturises. SKIN : Soaks up excess sebum, rebalances sebum , prevention of future breakouts . Draws excess oil and impurities from skin .

Rice bran - Promotes hydration , reduce pigmentation , evening out skin tone . reduce appearance of fine lines  and wrinkles . High levels of vitamin E , B , Omega 9 and a rich array of fatty acids . 

 Seasame - High in zinc , helpful to skin collagen production . Gives skin more elasticity , repairing damage . Highly anti inflamatory , ideal for sensitive,, acne prone  skin . Bacterial fighter . 

Shea Butter - Ancient beauty ingredient native to Africa . Assists in hair growth .   Very moisturizing  to hair and scalp , Curly and kinky hair  textures benefit from using shea butter as a sealant to keep moisture in the hair and increase softness. 

Sunflower - Stimulates hair growth . Natural moisturizer , contains several vitamins and minerals including Vitamins A, B, C , beta carotene ,potassium ,Iron , and Oleic acid  . High in vitamin E producing healthier hair growth . 


Enjoy Natural Rock’N Beauty!