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Natural Rock'N Hair and Body

Saturday Star Complete Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment

Saturday Star Complete Shampoo & Conditioning Treatment

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  • powerful antioxidants to help decrease brittleness
  • stimulates hair growth 
  • adds moisture
  • darkens tones of hair
  • reduce flakiness
  • soothe itchy scalp
  • glossy sheen 
  • elasticity boost


Created as a faster, mess less, space saving way to complete a hair loving wash day!

Hemp, Rhassoul Clay, raw organic chocolate, organic African Black Soap, Horsetail and more! 

• Leaves hair extremely moisturized, strengthened, darkened, and balanced with a brilliant high shine! 

Comes in a 3-pack set and 8 Oz liquid for both beauties & tribesmen 

Star Power/ How It Works

• Sulfate and Paraben free

• Natural chocolate color 

• Complete Ayurvedic balancing shampoo and deep nourishing conditioning in a way EASIER process  

Scented with a delicious phthalate free chocolate mint aroma (think thin mints that are calorie free!) 

Take less time on wash day, turning the day into your own again. 

Water activated gentle cleansers and deep conditioners, all proven to deliver amazing hair nourishment & strength

Neutral 7ph clarifying 


1.Simply wet hair in shower

 2. work Saturday Star into lather on hair 

3. massage though the scalp to ends, if you prefer you can then cover hair with a shower cap 

4. Rinse off Saturday star’s lather last just before exiting shower 

5. Outside shower?
apply, follow these steps but put on shower cap for at least 20 minutes, then rinse

(don’t forget the final cold rinse for shine)

6. Put any remaining bar back in bag, away from water. Follow with your choice of moisture seal and then style as usual.

so easy! 

 Detailed Directions: wet hair, apply all over scalp and hair. Work into lather, being careful not to get into eyes. Allow to sit on hair for 5-20 minutes for conditioners to work. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with choice of moisture seal on damp hair. Style as desired.

Keep out of reach of children. For external use only. Keep away from eyes. Do not use if allergic to any ingredients used. Stop use if allergic reaction occurs.  

Bar should be stored in bag in-between use. will melt when wet.

If accidental eye contact: rinse eyes effectively with water to soothe. 

 Frosted bag should  be used to store bars. Recycle ♻️ when finished please.

Video Inspiration -  Burna Boy  Ja Ara E' ( Ft. Beyonce) 



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