Cabana Pre Shampoo Treatment w. Hibiscus 6 oz. + Aloe Vera- Perfect for Leave In Treatment, Thirsty Textures, All Hair Types , Pre Swim protection

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Wonderful Tropical tresses ! Welcome step 1 in our wash day regiment .

Enjoy these posh Star Ingredients !


Vitamin C & amino acids stimulate healthy hair growth

Aloe Vera

Soothes Itchy scalp, promotes growth , fights dandruff 


Fights dandruff, promotes growth , strengthens hair


Strengthens , stimulates growth , fights dandruff 


Enjoy Cabana Pre Shampoo Treatment - Strengthen your tresses and soothe your scalp!

Directions : Before washing hair , spray generous amount of treatment to hair and scalp being sure to cover hair to ends with treatment . Cover with shower cap and allow to sit on hair for 20 minutes for optimal results . After treatment time , rinse out if desired or follow immediately with Afrique Clarifying Shampoo. 

Cabana can be used as a leave in treatment and before swimming  as an additional protection . This spray is ok to leave in for a longer period to soak up the benefits.

As a leave in treatment shrinkage can occur, there’s a lot of hydration in Cabana! 

Light and yummy watermelon scent- Enjoy !