Tribesman Hair Balm 2 oz. UNISEX- Natural & Straightened Hair , Barbershop, Grooming

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Tribesman Hair Balm  is  leaving  dry , dusty hair days behind. 

  • No more missing out on great hair  because the products you need smell like a floral menagerie. 
  • Many hair products on the market  are  made for ladies,  or if it’s for men the ingredients may be full of  chemicals that in the long run can wreck shop on your body .

 Tribesman Hair Balm


  • Fast hair absorption , melts very quickly from cream to oil state
  • light weight 
  •  Light unisex citrus basil scent 
  • Perfect travel size 


 African Shea Butter powerhouse moisturizer that seals in moisture, Promotes hair growth , heals scalp inflammation , and deep conditions hair. 

Avocado rejuvenates and moisturizes the scalp , promotes hair growth , fights dandruff, and  relives itchy scalp. 

 Babassu- exceptional conditioning and repairing properties . Reduces breakage , fast absorption  and sweet shine


How to use  : Apply a small amount  to hair and scalp , brush or smooth with hands. A little goes a long way. Perfect after washing hair,  and daily use.  Go enjoy your day .To boost moisture retention - lightly spritz hair with water before application of Tribesman Hair Balm .