FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm 6 Oz.- Natural & Straightened Hair

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FLAMINGLO is silky smooth true pineapple decadence - A must have !

is the first ingredient , ours is a high quality butter whipped to satin smoothness. 

  • Moisture champion 
  • Ability to seal moisture in 
  • Prevent split ends 
  • Fights dandruff
  • Protection from harmful Uv rays. 
  • Shine booster


  • Hydrates your hair and scalp
  • Excellent moisturizer
  • Strengthens hair 
  • Shine boost
  • Promotes hair growth 


  sustainable palm tree from Brazil, South America

  • Fast absorption
  • Strengthens hair fibers
  • Loaded with vitamin E 
  • Shine- diamond level booster!
  • Stimulates growth.
  FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm  is  whipped until it's silky smooth. It melts  quickly into your hair and scalp. Great slippage too!

Scented with true pineapple ,  Our human volunteers get asked often  - "what smells so good ?

Yes, it’s you enjoying yummy   FLAMINGLO Rich Hair Balm 

Don't miss out !- FLAMINGLO is handmade in small batches , When it sells out theres a wait until we make more.

During hot summer weather this product may not be available .

This product works fabulously  with curly, natural hair textures