HIBISCUS ISLE Hair Oil with Hawaiian Kukui

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Perfect for Moisture sealing ,Shine Boost, Environmental Protection. Natural & Straightened Hair, Locs

Hibiscus Isle will take you from the dry hair dessert to a lush hair paradise!
 Hula Hula Baby.

A rich and nourishing hair oil that can seal in moisture, boost shine, and protect your hair from environmental aggressors.

The Hawaiian Kukui nut has been used for centuries by the Polynesian people as an ancient beauty secret.




  • Moisture 
  • Protection from the elements  
  • Talented fatty acids for super juicy  goodness.


  • Preventing hair loss
  • Shine booster
  • Strengthening  hair 
  • Reduce irritation to scalp 
  • Promoting  growth 
  • Restoring  PH balance of the scalp


  • Suppleness and elasticity to hair 
  • Plenty of moisture and scalp stimulation
  • Increases the hydration level and reduces dryness


Revitalize your hair with the power of this hibiscus and Hawaiian kukui blend. 


 Soft apple champagne punch scent!  This cocktail imparts a nice sheen,  and softness to your hair.


Natural color

This oil may come out pink to maroon at times due to the nature of hibiscus but will absorb into hair. Any on hands will disappear quickly with soap and water.

Fun Fact :  The Kukui  is the state tree of Hawaii 



Best friend of water mists! Use anytime for a hair boost . Apply to scalp and hair according to desire. Perfect for night time sets. Bring out the best in HIBISCUS ISLE by using this oil after a light all over spritz of  liquid such as water or Aloe Vera juice, rose water etc. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


Don't miss out - Hibiscus Isle is made  in small batches, when they sell out there's a small wait until we make more  !




Video  Inspiration - " Drown deep Hula "- Maxwell


Helianthus annuus (Sunflower) , prunus armennia (apricot) , Persea americana, Ricinus communis, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis , aleurites moluccanus( Kukui), Aloe Vera, Mentha piperita L (peppermint),Adansonia digitata,  Proprietary botanical blend, grapefruit seed extract , Vitamin e,  phalatate free fragrance.