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  Enjoy a bundle especially created for thirsty,  low porosity textures . Finally the light , penetrating oils of Island Low Porosity Hair Oil with Grape seed and avocado is together with the decadent whipped, high shine, and sealing power of FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm  


 This is hands down my favorite combination! And you’re going to love this bundle too💕

Here’s how I use this bundle every few days, after wash day,  or when my hair needs a moisture boost :

Before bed I lightly sprinkle /mist water on my hair especially the ends. My low porosity hair just drinks up Island Low porosity Hair Oil and I finish my hair off with a  dab of FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm . I braid my hair and tuck it in a bonnet for the night. Release your braids in the morning  and boom!💥 - High shine, softer,  nourished Hair ! 

See each individual product for more information  

  But if I were you , I would grab this bundle fast ! This is the answer to nourish your thirsty natural hair to the next level - your hair will love it !