1 year of using Natural Rock’N Hair & Body Hair Care - With  Results !

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1 year of using Natural Rock’N Hair & Body Hair Care - With Results !

It’s been a full year and some change since Natural Rock’N Beauty relaunched April 2019. It was so slow at first , it’s picking up momentum naturally now as more learn about our brand. 

  We have had a friend of Natural Rock’N using our products for the whole year since we launched . What are her results and thoughts ? We’ll call her Mrs.V  . We met on social media from a post , In May 2019 I reached out and yes! - she was interested in trying out our haircare ! but was located in Brazil, South America .

This was actually the bumbling start of my international shipping journey.  There’s definitely a learning curve. She got the products in July 2019

I sent her 
• FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm and  •Hibiscus Isle Decadent Hair Oil with Hawaiian Kukui 
• Tribesman Hair Balm ( discontinued)

she’s such a sweet person! This was her initial impression 

“I’ve just received your products! The scents are AMAZING! The best ever! I’m going to use this weekend! Thanks girl ❤️❤️Your Brand is so lovely“

Note her original length and thickness, which is great by the way-but it gets even better! 

Mrs V . Periodically comes to North America and I stayed  in contact with her to keep her stocked up with Natural Rock’N. 

Some time passed and Mrs V. Sends more information about how the products have worked for her - notice the thickness? 

“ I have been using Natural Rock’N Beauty products for almost a year , I am in love with my results !” April 2020

Yass! We have the same results- Our hair is experiencing the thickness too! of course genetics and individual results does vary , but this is encouraging to see. 

Now fast forward to a whole year since Mrs. V started with us to August 2020 

“Hey girl I’m really in love with the products. My hair is growing so fast, it feels soft and the assets are just amazing. I’m so glad that I can find products for my kinky hair now 🥰” 

Here is her latest Instagram photo  - we truly love to see it . Just amazing and very encouraging isn’t it ?

Give your hair the goodies, trust Natural Rock’N Beauty ! We don’t use cheap fillers and unnecessary chemicals, just pure beneficial ingredients . Check us out! www.naturalrockn.com