About Us


  I'm a creative , science lover with a big imagination and big hair goals. I love art, music , graffiti, urban living , and nature.

 Originally from Chicago , Illinois ( born and raised.) I spent a lot of time in Mississippi and Birmingham growing up.   I'm  currently residing in the Atlanta perimeter . My creativity is a fuel , I'm always seeking ways to mix things up and add excitement . I'm a left hander - so maybe that has some thing to do with it? 

 It was 2012 when I started Natural Rock'N Beauty . It was created to fill a void in the beauty scene of nature based great products for your hair and body that really work. Indie beauty is a treasure trove of wonderful products.

Natural Rock’N Beauty took an intermission, when there was a lot going on in my personal life. Some major events were the loss of my mother, moving, and the readjustment- Natural Rock’N Beauty was relaunched in 2019. In the hiatus Tribesman Swagger and Tribesman International was born. 

 Tribesman Swagger was created to honor all the cool men in my life , my father, my friends, my cousins, uncles , grandfathers , late father in law , and my dear husband . It lives on social media and its so fun.

Tribesman International was created to reach out to the global scene , there's so much to explore and exchange with other cultures , I love people and trying new foods and experiences. 

 Back to Natural Rock'N Beauty  . This is my first project and I wanted to do a relaunch correctly , so with more maturity and business knowledge I took my sweet but careful time doing this relaunch .

There has been lots of testing , product manufacturing errors, and waste but what you see in Natural Rock' N Beauty today are the successful finalists of a-lot of hard work.

Thank you for believing in the journey . 

-C. Ivy