• Hibiscus for Beauty. Beneficial ingredients of Africa , Brazil & the Islands

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Flaminglo Rich Hair Butter

"Go Check Them Out "

"You Wont Believe How Good It Smells!"

Mr.Love Ballad

Tribesman Hair Balm

"Amazing Product, Love the smell"

DJ TriniShotta

Hibiscus Isle Decadent Hair Oil

" I Love this product , it's my absolute favorite!"

Black Girl Surf

Bisou Decadent Facial Oil Cocktail

"So easy and lightweight , I love how it feels on my face !"

C.Ivy - Natural Rock'N Beauty

Afrique essential facial wash

“..refreshing smell and feel  -- leaves my skin feeling refreshed, supple,  naturally clean 💕”

Michelle RN

Nature First

Ooh la la.... 

• Powerful natural ingredients 

• Environmental protection

• Anti aging 

• Soft, supple moisture 

• Naturally enhances beauty

•African Ingredients

• Hawaiian and Caribbean ingredients

•Fragrance Free skincare 

 •Cruelty- Free 


•Made for all 

Natural Rock'N Beauty is handmade,  phthalate free, and paraben free. 

Enjoy !

FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm

You’re invited to party with FLAMINGLO ! Dance with it’s fresh pineapple scent , lounge in satiny smooth whipped decadence ! Get incredible shine and noticeably vibrant moisture for your hair. FLAMINGLO has •Shea Butter •Avocado •Babassu •Aloe Vera And more. Join the FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm party today!

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Natural Rock'N Beauty / Tribesman Lineup (Contains video with music)