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Real earth first beauty is reimagined with a bit of energetic, galactic graffiti fun.

Experience Ancient African, Caribbean, South American & Polynesian beauty expertly blended with the power of Ayurvedic inspired botanicals.

Rock on ya'll


"I have sensitive skin , and the facial wash doesn't dry my skin or irritate it. It's made from natural ingredients , and I've noticed how clear my skin has gotten since I've been using it.

I'll definitely keep this in my daily routine " 



”..My skin feels so clean! It’s not oily at all which I LOVE!! The toner is lightweight and very refreshing and it doesn’t dry my skin out… my skin looks and feels great! “ FRESH FACE BUNDLE

Dani @ Crafted Movement

"Best Yoni Soap On The Market!"-



” Smells like a cup of hot face felt so soft and smooth despite removing excess oil from my skin .. I left the clay in my hair for over an hour my curls are so defined,hydrated, bouncy, shiny. Styling was a breeze!”
VIBE Moroccan Rhassoul Clay & Cacao Mask


"I love this oil , my hair loves this oil, the smells, the feels, my newest companion "

Island Grape Seed & Avocado Hair Oil


Earth First

You’re in the right place for

•Dry skin
•Flaky scalp
•Stubborn acne
•Dull, damaged hair
•Men specific haircare
•Wholesome feminine care

Using Natural Rock’N Beauty can give your skin & hair amazing results you can see!

Galactic Reminder:

Don’t blend in! Show up and show out, naturally.

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- Bakugo

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