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Natural Rock'N Hair and Body


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Tired of your skin being moody & rebellious? 

Do you need a fast, simple cleaning routine? 

Our Bestselling Fresh Face Bundle is what you need!

Perfect for Sensitive skin, graceful aging, dry, oily, blemished, combination skin types.
Fast and super easy routine!  

Star Power/ How It Works

Stubborn Blemishes & Cystic Acne. She tried many routines and products with little/no results. 



Black Hibiscus Facial Wash

• Benefit from the powerful cleansing and AHAs purging power of our BLACK HIBISCUS COMPLEX 

• Nourish with our special moisturizing botanicals

• Natural glow powers!   


Red Hibiscus & White Tea Toner

• Skin strengthening botanicals!

• Wrinkling  fighters 

• Natural AHAs & Phenols

Your face will be clean , balanced  and moisturized. All ready for the day or night  - simple, fast and easy!   

Use 1-2x day and/or night.

Stubborn blemishes?  use 2x a day until  cleared. Then resume 1x a day cleanse.

AFTER 1 month of our Fresh Face Bundle used daily ! 

 “Me, my family, and friends have been using this wash - we all  noticed some serious clarifying and smooth skin going on!”-C.Ivy 

Black Hibiscus facial wash occasionally  reacts to cold temperatures by  thickening texture temporarily. Don’t worry,  It will return to regular liquified state warmed up to room temperature.

Please recycle ♻️ when finished  

See more details about Black Hibiscus facial wash and Red hibiscus and white tea toner under each product description found on this website 

Video Inspiration -  "  U got the look " - Prince featuring Sheena E. 

Customer Reviews

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Kammi Glitz
Love Them

This is my 2nd time using these problem. I love how the products have improved my skin and they have such a great fragrance.

Yasss Yassss to Smooth and Fresh!!!

I've been using the Fresh Face Bundle for about a week now, and I'm totally pleased! My skin is sensitive, so I've been wanting to find some all natural products. I am so happy with the Afrique Essential Facial Wash and the Hibiscus and White Tea Toner! My skin feels so clean! It's not oily at all, which I LOVE!!! The toner is lightweight and very refreshing and it doesn't dry my skin out. Overall, I would say two thumbs up from me! My skin looks and feels great! Yasss yassss to smooth and fresh!

Fantastic! So happy to hear that you enjoy Natural Rock’N Skincare :heartpulse: