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Natural Rock'N Hair and Body

Purple Drink Hair Tea 6 Oz

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Fresh & simple refreshing hydration without buildup! 

* Curl /Coil refresher 

*Leave in spray

* Styling product refresher

* Nourish & Strengthen Hair 

* Gentle botanical leave in conditioning  

* Lightweight  

* Naturally scented 

Made specifically for refreshing thirsty, fluffy hair & Locs!

 Works for anyone who’s hair doesn’t want a lot of stuff on it and just needs juicy moisture and extra strength. 

Star Ingredients 

* Hibiscus- Calendula Blend

Stimulates growth and strengthens hair 


 Hibiscus - Ayurvedic superstar!  Can stimulate hair growth, alleviate dryness and conditions hair. 

Calendula - Loaded with B vitamins for root stimulation, hair strength and extra softness. 


How To Use/ Directions

 Shake well. Apply Purple Drink Hair Tea as much as you wish!

Spritz onto scalp and hair being sure to concentrate on hair ends.

For locs use for regularly for buildup free moisture care. 

Can be used after shampooing and conditioning as a light leave in conditioner while hair is still damp.  

Style as usual. Can be used over hair gels and styling products to reactivate styling products. Money saver!

 TIP: Our favorite method is to refresh our hair at night by lightly spritzing Purple Drink Hair Tea all over our dry hair then braiding hair overnight and letting it loose in the morning. 

This is a naturally purple-reddish blend due to the rose family botanicals inside- spray looks reddish coming out! 

limited edition intro label with black spray top


Ultra-Light Blue Camomile all-Natural Scent. We think it smells like a fresh clean baby.


Brothers Johnson - Strawberry Letter 23 


Natural Rock'N Hair & Body Beauty Co. LLC. Image result for Registered Mark Symbol
Distilled water, Hibiscus rosa-sinensis,Aloe Barbadensis Miller,Bambusa vulgaris,Calendula officinalis,Melaleuca alternifolia,Pelargonium,Alpha tocopherol, grapefruit seed extract, blue chamomile and cactus natural fragrance, preservative.Natural Rock'N Hair & Body Beauty Co. LLC. Image result for Registered Mark Symbol all products under trademark 

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