Afrique Essential Face Wash

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Limited time offer-  Testers needed for Afrique Essential  Face Wash  pre release! In exchange for your feedback  with Afrique, we want you to try it for free!  

Simply fill out the contact form or email us for your free 1.5 oz bottle of  Afrique! 

 * offer valid for USA and USA territories only at this time 

Behold one of the wonders from West Africa- African Black Soap ! Natural Rock'N has taken this wonderful chemical free natural soap and gave it super powers ! 

What's Good In Afrique  Essential Face Wash ?

  • African Black Soap -detoxify , heal breakouts, tone complexion
  • Honey- Balance bacteria , acne fighter , natural exfoliator, humectant .
  • Beetroot -Dries up acne with no scars, glowing skin 
  • Hibiscus tea - Cleanses and exfoliates, fights aging , purifying ,freshens 
  • Turmeric-Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, natural glow, revives skin
  • Tea Tree- Calms redness, anti bacterial , anti inflamatory . Acne fighter 
  • And more !
Its loaded with goodness ! I've been using this wash on myself and my family , and I've noticed some serious clarifying and smooth skin going on. The ingredients chosen each have their own special powers for great skin.
Enjoy moisturized, clearer, glowing skin with AFRIQUE ESENTIAL FACE WASH 
Try Afrique face wash in two sizes Travel 1.5 oz spritz top.  and Regular size 6 oz. pump. . Both last for a long time . 
Directions : On a dampened face and neck , apply 2-3 spritzes or 1 pump  of Afrique essential face wash to hand , lather and apply to face and neck . Avoid eyes ! rinse off with damp washcloth . May be used with Natural Rock'N Facial Oil Cocktail 
Ingredients : will be released