AFRIQUE Essential Facial Wash 1.67 Oz. Travel Size

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Perfect for Sensitive, Normal, Age defying , Oily , Dry , Blemished, Combination skin


Quickly clear up skin struggles  and wake up with clear, beautiful skin! 

Gentle enough for sensitive and blemished skin. 

•Purge with authentic, organic West African Black Soap and the natural AHA’s of hibiscus. 

•Bring out a natural glow with our turmeric blend

•Nourish your skin with our botanical ingredients such as avocado and honey.  

Afrique Essential Facial Wash is step 1 of our skincare regiment .

Afrique Essential Facial Wash Can Help-
• Soften skin 
• Visibly even skin tone 
• Soothe angry skin
• Fights acne  
• Improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation , dull skin, and skin irritation


detoxify , heal breakouts, tone complexion


 Balance bacteria , acne fighter , natural exfoliator, humectant 


Cleanses and exfoliates, fights aging , purifying ,freshens. Known as the Botox flower!  


Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, natural glow. Evens and revives skin


Calms redness, anti bacterial , anti inflammatory . Acne fighter 

And more !  

      Me, my family, and friends have been using this wash - we all definitely notice some serious clarifying and smooth skin going on! 

    Enjoy moisturized, clearer, glowing skin with



    On a dampened face and neck , apply 2-3 spritzes of Afrique essential face wash to hand , lather and apply to face and neck .
    Avoid eyes ! rinse off with damp washcloth .
     Afrique facial wash is great by itself but even better if followed by our  STEP 2 Hibiscus and White Tea Toner  

    Afrique essential facial wash does react to cold temperatures by  thickening texture temporarily. Don’t worry ! It will return to regular liquified state warmed up to room temperature. 

    Get the FRESH FACE BUNDLE  with Afrique facial wash and hibiscus and white tea toner 


    Afrique Face wash - Ingredients : distilled water, African black soap( cocopods, palm kernel oil, coconut oil,unrefined shea butter, plantain skin ash ,purified water, vitamin e) Maranta arundinacea, hibiscus rosa sinensis, Beta vulgaris, honey, maltodextrin (anti caking agent), Curcuma longa  (Turmeric), Persea americana (avocado), Melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree), Citrus limon, pelargonium, mataricaria chamomilla, emusifying wax, GSE, vitamin e, plant aroma blend , preservative