Afrique Essential Facial Wash - Perfect for Sensitive, Normal, Anti aging , Oily , Dry , Combo Skin

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Behold one of the great  beauty secrets from West Africa-

African Black Soap !

 Natural Rock'N has taken genuine, chemical free West African Black soap  & gave it a boost!

Afrique Essential Facial Wash is step 1 of our skincare  regiment .

Afrique Essential Facial Wash -
• Softens skin 
• Visibly evens skin tone 
• Soothes angry skin
• Fights acne  
• Improves the appearance of hyperpigmentation 



detoxify , heal breakouts, tone complexion


 Balance bacteria , acne fighter , natural exfoliator, humectant 


Dries up acne with no scars, glowing skin


Cleanses and exfoliates, fights aging , purifying ,freshens 


Antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, natural glow. Evens and revives skin


Calms redness, anti bacterial , anti inflammatory . Acne fighter 


      Me, my family, and friends have been using this wash - we all definitely notice some serious clarifying and smooth skin going on! 

    Enjoy moisturized, clearer, glowing skin with AFRIQUE ESENTIAL FACE WASH.

    HOW TO USE  : On a dampened face and neck , apply 2-3 spritzes or 1 pump  of Afrique essential face wash to hand , lather and apply to face and neck . Avoid eyes ! rinse off with damp washcloth .
     Afrique facial wash is great by itself but even better if followed by our  STEP 2 Hibiscus and White Tea Toner  and STEP 3 BISOU Facial Oil Cocktail.