Wash your hair ! Why you need to stop avoiding wash day

Wash your hair ! Why you need to stop avoiding wash day

There's a bit of controversy surrounding shampoo , is it necessary , is it bad for my hair? We're going to take a look at the issues behind shampoo and discuss  what you need to know to have a healthier wash day routine .

So many choices

A good shampoo is hard to find.. huh?

..All these brands out here and we say that?


  Do you know that the Shampoo you use can make a difference in your hair health and styling outcomes ? Should you use just any shampoo that smells good ? 

It does make a difference- it’s the ingredients! And no you should not use just any shampoo that smells good.  

  Now we’re coming to you from someone who knows about cosmetic ingredients from a stem standpoint, not a professional hair stylist 💇🏾‍♀️. How you style your hair is between you and the stylist babe.

Toxic ingredients

Let’s look at some common ingredients to avoid found in the average shampoo.   Whew sounds creepy doesn't it ? its good to know what to avoid. Not only are these ingredients toxic , they are likely too harsh on your natural  hair. 

  For those seeking to get pregnant or are pregnant , you must especially avoid these toxic ingredients - they have been known to cause birth defects!  

Now if that isn't a reason to switch to better ingredients than I don't know what to say...

Why do I need to shampoo ?

Now lets move on - Why should you still shampoo ? Can't you just co wash with conditioner only and be done ? First thing - Find out your hair porosity and type , how often your hair likes to be washed , and  see what works best for your hair. If you go to the salon frequently then ask your stylist what's best for your hair type , and go from there .

  But shampooing is to simply clean off the gunk and grime collecting daily from environmental pollutants, sweat ,and secreted oils. All these collect  in your hair and on your scalp,  needing to be washed away routinely for a fresh feeling , to keep you smelling good and pest free.

  Its like skincare for your scalp too.  Things do grow and even live in dirty hair , dandruff thrives , and hair loss can happen when you don't wash your hair routinely . Its basic hygiene , and just good manners not to have stinky hair .

Did you know that some women skip washing their hair for an extended time , trying to keep that salon fresh look ? Especially wearing straightened hair styles - we have seen it and smelled it for ourselves !  We don't recommend it for the reasons mentioned above .

 Afrique is back !

   We brought back our shampoo- Afrique Clarifying ( and conditioning ) Shampoo with Hibiscus ! Earlier in the year we discontinued the whole 3 piece wash day routine to make space .

  But our amazing shampoo was still calling out to us and we just had to bring it back. We are so proud of this shampoo , because it cleans with out stripping your hair , nourishes  and gets a lot of gunk out of your hair - we're talking dank, cloudy,  grey water after washing with Afrique   "Eww- that was in my hair !?" yes chick , your hair was dirty !

Ingredients matter

African black soap is very strong on its own and has been known to clean so well that it can be very drying . Its a clean , often organic soap ( ours is organic ) that's made of cacao pods, shea butter , and palm ash. Using ancient methods these ingredients are blended into an amazing toxic free soap ! Its not just for Africans, and the diaspora to use either , any one can use African Black soap. 

Real African Black soap looks like this . 


Hibiscus - hibiscus is great for skin and hair and has been used across different cultures for its amazing restorative powers  . We love hibiscus and want to share the benefits with you too 

 Now that sounds great doesn't it ?  we put a lot of good things in our shampoo and we didn't want to keep it to ourselves any longer. We believe that this shampoo has led to our hair becoming stronger and thicker ! 

Also joining the party:

*Amla  * Coconut milk  * Avocado and more ! All Sulfate and paraben free . Our small amount of fragrance is phthalate free too. This shampoo is perfect for thirsty dry hair and scalp  , curly hair types 4 thrive with this shampoo! 

We love  Natural Rock'N Beauty Afrique clarifying shampoo💕

See we told you ingredients matter . Catch  this amazing shampoo on our website www.naturalrockn.com 

And have fun on your wash day , knowing you are taking the right , healthier route for your natural hair . 

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