How to find and care for your hair porosity

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How to find and care for your hair porosity

Are you high, medium,  or low porosity?

What are we talking about? 

   We’re  talking about this hair term that’s popping up in the natural hair world recently. It’s actually a hot topic!
Porosity is the rate in which your hair shaft absorbs moisture , it’s actually genetic. There’s three different hair porosity types.  

1. High porosity

2. Low Porosity

3. Medium/Normal porosity. 

Check out this graphic below to learn the characteristics of each porosity from

Finding out your porosity-

Time for a a test! Don’t worry, It’s a good test All that is needed is a glass of water and a strand or a few of your hair. Perform this test below. 

 So as you can see where your hair lands determines your porosity. This is what level of water or liquid your hair takes on. Will that new product work for you? Or will it just sit there? 

It’s all about the cuticles! This makes a huge difference in the products and routines that you need for your hair to thrive and grow.
  Here’s a cross section of a your hair structure- find the cuticles. These are what porosity is about, their structure determines your porosity. 

Results- what did you get ? 

Low, medium, or high? We discovered best practices and care to get the best absorption and payback from your porosity results. The Natural Rock’N products recommended can help in your routines,  but are not exclusive to the hair types. 
Personally I got a low porosity result. I was so surprised! But there it was , my hair stayed on top of the water. What did you get?  
if you got :

High Porosity 

As we discussed  High porosity is fast absorbing due to the cuticles of the hair being open , quick saturation and often dry appearance.
 Here’s how to get the best out of your high hair porosity by @mane_tresses

Interesting right? * ACV: Apple cider vinegar 
You may enjoy our FLAMINGLO Rich Butter Hair Balm to seal in your moisture  

Low porosity- 

Your hair cuticles are tightly sealed and takes some coaxing for absorption. Water beads on top of your hair. Heat can be your friend. Here’s a few best practices from

You may enjoy our Island Decadent Low Porosity Grape seed and Avocado Hair Oil 

Medium /Normal Porosity 

  Medium porosity is hair that is right in the middle of it all. Cuticles are raised just enough to absorb effectively so moisture and shine are easier to hold.

- Enjoy your fantastic cuticles dog gone it !

 “ My eyes are green ( with envy ) cause I eat a lot of vegetables “- Erykah Badu  

Ok ok I’m just kidding! We like you too! 

If you have this hair cuticle type then here’s your regimen from @mane_tresses

You may enjoy our Afrique clarifying shampoo with hibiscus for clarifying your hair .  

  Please keep in mind , because we are recommending our products for each hair type doesn’t mean that this product is exclusive for the hair porosity type. On our website in the descriptions we have made recommendations of our products based on research and volunteer testing. 

  Well that’s all we have for today, hopefully this helps you in your hair journey !
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