Natural Rock’N Hair & Body Beauty Co. ™️ - As seen in British Vogue

Our very first magazine! We’re in VOGUE! 

Since our relaunch we’ve  been trying our best to grow Natural Rock’N Beauty. The goal is to get the word out there about our amazing brand. There’s been different methods and ideas -It’s been busy and tough at times. But wait ...

We finally have a win !

Recently we were contacted by the UK branch of Vogue Magazine! British Vogue to be exact. 

Color us surprised, we thought is this real? We  checked it out as best we could, and thank you! - it was ok. So how did we get all the way over to Britain?  

 My guess is the labels - it was made with future EU registration in mind , so we added the proper markings as seen below.
Maybe this helped? It’s a guess , but we definitely appreciate the opportunity! 

Find our skincare in the September 2020 - November 2020 print issues of British Vogue . When it finally gets here, in our hands - we’re definitely going to shout about it! 

I’m still not believing it all.