Stop hair breakage! Fine natural hair strengthening secret! - it’s not as hard as you think!

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Stop hair breakage! Fine natural hair strengthening secret! - it’s not as hard as you think!

Do you have fine natural hair? Is your hair seriously weak ? Do you know there’s a relatively simple method to strengthen and  thicken your hair ? 

Okay enough with the 20 questions! Well- there is totally a solution out there and it not that expensive but requires a bit of labor . What is it! 

It’s Aloe Vera ! Ta Da! I’m taking about the plant.  Choose a nice thick blade from an international market for under $5 ( hopefully) and get ready for a new method to strengthen and ultimately lead to length retention! 

 Doesn’t  this Aloe look so beautiful ? I was surprised it didn’t smell all that good to me but it’s not bad either . We’re trying to strengthen hair here- who cares about that! 
Aloe is a plant that loves our skin and hair , it’s a natural healer who’s clear jelly flesh is fantastically amazing! So many wonderful uses for it too! 
 We’re using it as a pre shampoo treatment or a deep conditioning treatment- either one is good for your hair. 

Why am I so confident that aloe helps fine natural hair? Because it’s my issue too. If you didn’t know I actually dismantled my 4 year micro braid locs and am growing out my hair now.  (We will discuss the loc journey later !) But my hair was seriously weakened and thin after I was done . Detangling was terrible- I was finger detangling and still losing so much hair!

Then I started using Aloe Vera rich products in my hair starting with this method right here, now I don’t shed nearly as much, my hair has thickened, and I’m finally getting some length! 

My sisters are growing out their hair too! So we’re actually in this together.  Hope this helps you keep your hair journey growing great! 

• Cut a portion of aloe 

• Slice the sides off , then slice the aloe to get the flesh away from the tough outer skin. Scoop away! 
• Gathering the aloe filet , filter it if you like through a mesh strainer, you can mix the liquid with an oil of your choice. 
• Pour the aloe into a applicator or spray bottle and there - you have aloe Vera for your hair ! Apply all over - roots to tips of your hair. 
• Let sit in for at least 1 hour , baggie over the whole thing gives better conditioning. Rinse out and see the difference 

EASY RIGHT !  Here’s a summary of what we talked about today - happy hair ! Don’t forget to follow us on Instagram- keep up with our new blog!     Natural Vixen Star ⭐️