OPINION -The New Natural Beauty World  versus  Traditional Cosmetology

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OPINION -The New Natural Beauty World versus Traditional Cosmetology

Opinionated read-

A world divided

Is there a division in our textured beauty world?

 We can see there are opposing views on the rapidly changing world of black hair.

The sides?

•Traditional Cosmetology School Training 

• The New Natural Hair World

Natural Rock’N Hair & Body Beauty is part of the latter, the new natural beauty world. Although we’re not traditionally trained in cosmetology schools , many of todays beauty makers are made of higher educated professionals familiar and in love with black hair, that likely are trained by STEM science (like us)  , laboratory , and or medicine such as nursing / MD.

   We take what we have learned about our whole body systems -Anatomy, biology , chemistry, infection control and strict hygiene and apply all that to beauty. We know already there are negative effects on our bodies from certain chemicals like hair relaxers. We do our best to place a better, less harmful way in front of consumers. 

 From what we’ve observed traditional cosmetology teachings has been the go to for a very long time . The instructions were a powerful driving force behind many cosmetics placed on the market for ethnic hair.

 Beauty was now regulated and professional thanks to the cosmetology schools.  The cosmetics industry placed many professionals into entrepreneurship as they grew their clientele large enough to own their own business, which is very good for the community. 

 Soul Glo!  fried dyed and laid to the side 

   The industry was trusted with our beauty. We listened to their advice on our hair , from the  press and curl,  to  dripping Jerry curls, to caustic relaxers. We went along with the prescribed hair systems that kept us coming back when our perceived dreadful kinky new growth came in every month. Soul Glo - coming to America poster

We heeded the advice and changed our hair  to fit the cosmetology instruction of how there was something incorrect about our natural beauty , our hair was not good enough for society and how it could be changed.
 Dixie peach hair dressing- please read the description. 

Mannequin challenge 

 Unfortunately the hair texture mannequin used for instructional practice in these schools were  (and it’s rumored to still be this way ) not reflective of African American students hair , it reflected type 1 hair textures. They were learning how to style hair that wasn’t even like theirs !

  Leading to professional hair stylists who did not have the knowledge of textured hair. If some poor coiled hair soul sat down in their chair , they might have been kicked out- service refused! Or the kinky hair would be looked at as a problem ! It needed to be fixed into looking like the type 1 or type 2 hair mannequin they learned about in cosmetology school. This idea that black hair had to be fixed into looking like the mannequin texture,It’s problematic at best. Actual  mannequin for sale used in cosmetology instruction 

Survival or style? 

   Now there was a time when this changing of our natural hair was thought to be the best way to integrate into mainstream society, as racially charged times were and still are dangerous for ethnic groups such as African Americans.

 The general idea, post Jim Crow seemed to be that you would be more accepted  if your hair looked similar to mainstream society. You could have better employment and educational opportunities with less problems. This was a survival tactic. And to a degree it helped in that time frame. My mother would wear press and curl religiously growing up.

   But what happened when these same ethnicity groups one day realized that they are safe and beautiful already without changing their amazing hair textures? 


Enter the New Natural Beauty World. Early 2000s natural beauty brands  such as the original Carols Daughter, Oyin , TGIN and more started as an alternative to mainstream cosmetology led new products and normalized the bold idea of not changing your hair textures to fit in.

 Of course this was a radical idea shift to embracing the naturally coiled hair that grew from our heads . Society would have to change to accept the natural beauty world, and for the most part it has! 

 We are excited to see the change in society, it has been slow with setbacks at times but for the most part curly and coiled textured people are not hesitant to wear their natural hair textures in their full glory in public !
Cosmetology Today

Where has this left the cosmetology industry? Some brands have changed along with the times , some have fallen quiet. The ones that changed along with natural beauty have stayed relevant. They have produced oils and different products that can work for natural hair. Although there can be unnecessary chemicals and fillers placed in their products as well.

  We have heard some weird stuff in social media from the cosmetology professional world- Some are pushing jerry curl activator again ! Soul glo? Hmm . And recently we heard some cosmetology trained professionals advise detangling hair while dry, washing your hair more often than biweekly- this kinda goes contrary to what naturals know grows their hair. Interesting! 

  We recommend listening to high manipulation advice like this with caution and reading the ingredient list of all brands cosmetology backed or natural beauty world produced- simply turn the container over and look at the ingredients! If there’s mostly chemicals at the top and natural ingredients are placed at the bottom of the list , put it down!
  The same thing goes for celebrity backed hair lines, turn the container over and read the labels  - they can be said to be a new face of the cosmetics industry. The average celebrities likely are not researching, producing and crafting  the ingredients themselves but working with a huge laboratory or a private label company.

We’re glad you’re here beautiful!

The choice is yours ! We recommend the New Natural Beauty World and your professional natural hair stylist  - both worlds can work together!

  We know you, because your hair looks like our hair , we care about you and encourage you to embrace your natural beauty. That’s what we’re all about- we want you to love yourself and your unique hair ! It’s reflected in our products, you won’t find cheap chemical fillers , no phthalates, Parabens or sulfates here. Just pure concentrated beneficial ingredients blended from around the world! 

 You can trust our brand- Natural Rock’N Hair & Body Beauty Co.  www.naturalrockn.com

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