Pretty Steamy- becoming a steam queen 👑

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Pretty Steamy- becoming a steam queen 👑

Steam Queens 

Steam isn’t something you think about in your beauty routine is it? Well we are guilty of forgetting about steaming too ! We’ll do better together right? 
Steam is actually an amazing but simple way to increase the moisture retention levels of skin and hair naturally. 

What’s steaming all about? 

Steaming is often a stream of heated water vapor focused on the face or hair . The heat can help open pores and more. Herbal  and floral elements such as rose water and green tea can be incorporated into your facial steam treatment for more benefits. 

There are a few tools that you can purchase for  starting your steam journey. Or you can capture the benefits of steam at home with DIY methods that we’re going to talk about. 

Steam for beautiful skin 

Beautiful skin starts with water , probably because we are made of water - 60 % ! Our bodies need a lot of water inside and out to be happy. 

Skin is so much better when water is present. Please note how when your face or body is water damp and lotion or oils slathered on top- it turns out softer and way more supple. 
Here’s some of the benefits of steam for your skin 


 Ooh isn’t that amazing? Relaxation , hydration and glowing skin all from steaming . 

How to facial steam 

Here’s how to DIY facial steam at home :

1. Microwave a large bowl of water until warm with nice steam coming out 

2. Add herbal element such as green tea bag / rose water 

3. Drape a towel over your head , place face over bowl and enjoy your spa day!  

Steam for beautiful hair 

Steaming for natural hair is also an amazing way to increase moisture retention and help boost vibrancy. 

 Here’s some of the benefits of steam for hair 



The reasons are due to the benefits of water  being an essential element of our bodies. The dry air around us sucks the moisture out of our bodies  

Here’s more details about specific benefits to natural hair 


 Low Porosity moisture , hang , growth , breakage and dandruff control - all from steaming your natural hair! 

How to steam natural hair at home 

1. Apply deep conditioner of choice to your hair 

 2. Cover with a plastic cap ( shower cap type)

3. Use a spray bottle filled with water to spray inside a plastic bag  

4 . Place water sprayed plastic bag over shower cap 

5. Sit under a hooded dryer for 30 minutes or towel wrap the whole thing for 30 minutes 

  Let the vapor do it’s thing! 

Here’s some steamers you can buy

Over $100

•Ordinary Glow 2 in 1 steamer 

Under $100

•Vanity Planet 

Aira Facial Steamer

Q- Redew Hair Steamer


Happy steaming! How are you going to incorporate steam into your beauty routine? 
However you choose- stick with Natural Rock’N Hair & Body Beauty Co - we really care about your healthier beauty ! 

“Gentle skincare for the sun ☀️ kissed and fluffy hair care” -