Does that hair oil REALLY make your hair grow? Hair myth & truth Series

Does that hair oil REALLY make your hair grow? Hair myth & truth Series

     A while ago ( before trichology) I made an oil that had the title- hair growth oil , it was an oil that’s still here but the title of “hair growth oil “ had to go! 

This label was pulled immediately- A fantastic hair oil but renamed due to mislabeling. 

•Why?  And 

•What about this pretty lady or celebrity on TikTok/Instagram with the amazing , lush hair who says this oil or product grew her hair??


Well simply put-

Oil (or balm, cream etc.) Technically DOES NOT GROW your hair. It DOES help keep your hair healthy and protected from breakage. Certain talented oils can STIMULATE THE SCALPS BLOOD CIRCULATION TO WORK HARDER therefore growing hair effectively. 

 Human hair is a complex form but made of the same material as your fingernails- keratin. The same materials that make up animal hooves and horns. 

Human hair as soon as it sprouts is not a living thing anymore.

Just like our fingernails- HAIR IS responsive to body health, care and neglect though.

The living portion of hair is the scalp.



The scalp is the most important component of hair loss and growth. 

  Dr Kari Williams, expert Trichologist says-“ Hair cannot be sustained in a scalp that’s not maintained!” 

 Then what actually grows your hair? - it’s the scalp. 

With this in mind-The term you may have heard

“ Dead ends” is misleading . Otherwise when hair is cut or tangled we would feel pain. 


100% yes! 

Proper care is required to create the right conditions for hair to HOLD ON to its moisture, growth and length. 

 The scalp has its own oil called sebum that comes naturally from the scalp.  

  Depending on your texture or length the sebum oil may not reach the full length of your hair. Such is the case with long , curly and coiled hairs. 

  Additional hair oil used creates the right environment for capturing moisture retention & is a water sealant which ultimately protects hair from drying out.

Water is the essential moisture element!  water moisture needs to be captured by the hair oil before it evaporates

Hair oils lubricates to help prevent snagging, matting and breakage.

Less breakage  = GROWTH

There are several amazing oils such as rosemary and scalp massage methods to stimulate the scalp’s blood flow to make the scalp work more effectively in growth.

- we use rosemary, mint  and many other super oils in our products 

On the hair & scalp the right oils can help coat the hair shaft and comfort a dry scalp. 

Notice I said the right oils? I’ll explain later in the next blog. 

C.Ivy  Holistic Trichologist


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