5 hot tips to stay barber fresh longer!

5 hot tips to stay barber fresh longer!


That fresh from the barber feeling is amazing right?  You know you look so good! Personally I see Mens confidence shoot up 100%

Yes it’s true -ladies, and people in general do notice a GQ like groomed man. Doors open and opportunities seem to happen- maybe it’s the natural swagger that comes with that haircut ? 


Credit Daryus Vaughan  Odell Beckham Jr. haircut


Heres how to keep that barber freshness longer

1. Refresh your beard and hair with water mists , comb, and brushing 

2. Trim any stray hairs from eyebrows, neck, face etc.

3. Keep your beard and hair on a regularly scheduled  wash routine. 

4. If you choose to use a heavy , petroleum pomade or gel

-  Use a small amount as too much can lead to sticky lint. Sticky lint attracts dirt, and dulls hair appearance fast! 

5.  Use a lightweight high shine Mens hair & beard balm like our Tribesman Hair & Beard Balm 

  Barbers love this balm! Smells fresh and clean- amazing!  delivers high shine nourishment with a perfect super fast melt. 

Keep it up! We see your swagger. 
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