Hair myths that need to stop!🛑New series

Hair myths that need to stop!🛑New series

                      How to grow hair - myth or truth series 

   For textured hair, the advice you may get for how to grow hair can go from common sense to wild advice! What can you do? 

  Here’s some advice on a popular myth backed by Hair Science 🧬 

True or False?
If it hurts your scalp, it’s ok to ignore it. That’s helping your growth 




   Pain on your scalp is actually a cry for help. Styles or procedures that cause pain are not good for your long term hair growth. Damage is likely occurring and by the time the pain stops, it may be too late.

  Follicle damage can be caused by excessive stress ( pulling, chemical burns) on the scalp and can cause the hair follicle to scar and stop working .

  Look for painful, red bumps at the base of hair throughout scalp on yourself and little ones after styling.
Change the tension and experience relief 😮‍💨 .

Look for our next post for more hair myths and truths

Happy Growing! 
- C. Ivy Holistic Trichologist

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