Top 5 ways to keep and grow back your edges

Top 5 ways to keep and grow back your edges

Let’s get right to the point.

    Don't you hate the blogs that ramble on and on about the writers dog and their aesthetics  when you just came for a simple recipe ? Ugh 


    So with that in mind- let’s go! The Top 5 


    Here’s how to keep and regrow your edges 

    1. Avoid tight hairstyles- Tight hairstyles will literally pull your follicles right out from the root!  If a ponytail is worn, be sure to leave a bit of wriggle room. And the same goes for braids, leave a bit of breathing room for the scalp . It’s ok to be a bit fluffy. PAIN IS THE SCALP BEGGING FOR HELP, by the time the pain stops the scarring damage is done. Repeated painful scalp tension over and over is the beginning of the end resulting in the edges giving up and leaving.
    2. Get a checkup- it’s good to know what is going on with your body. How’s your iron? Any thyroid issues? You’d be surprised at how the body’s wellness affects hair growth and loss. Once you know, then you can start looking for ways to cope and prevent the issues from damaging your hair.
    3. Caution with heat, repeated friction and chemicals - repeated high heat and harsh chemicals can cause loss as well . Heat can burn edges away and eventually lead to crown thinning. Chemical damage can be relaxers and treatments that are too harsh on tender edges. Friction is consistent rubbing and pulling against your hair edges. Constant wig placement and precision groomed edges friction can be like erosion, very tricky depending on use and frequency. 
    4. Massage your scalp often- scalp massage is a major key to increasing your scalp circulation and hair health. Use your fingertips, not your nails to get in your scalp and rub in gentle circular motions, perfect time to do it? When sitting, relaxing and watching your favorite television shows . You can also find those palm sized scalp massagers or scrubbers like this one from  below or find at your nearest beauty supply store or in the USA TJ Maxx  or Marshall’s and use it every time you wash your hair.
    5. Use hard working oils - certain talented oils can stimulate the scalp to help the scalp work harder to grow hair! 
      • peppermint • rosemary • avocado • geranium • jojoba and more! These oils are already included in our talented oil blends here such as Jetsetter found on right Natural Rock’N Beauty ⬇️ 

    6. Wash hair on a regular schedule- weekly or biweekly is the average for fluffy coils and curls. Straighter hair averages around daily or every 2-3 days.

    This is a general guide . Do yourself a favor, to know exactly why you’re losing your hair , book an appointment with a Trichologist for an in-depth consultation today. 

    Happy Growing!

    C. Ivy holistic trichologist and creator 

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