Natural Rock’N Beauty Won A Grant!

Natural Rock’N Beauty Won A Grant!

Our first grant!

  It’s surely needed - notice the few products that are waiting patiently for labels ahem ahem.

   Yeah times have been tough- anywho this grant was from Black Girl Ventures and TikTok! 

It’s the community award and it came with a complementary trip to Washington DC for the Innovate Together project. Me and a good amount of founders gathered together for fellowship, encouragement and support for our businesses . Some big, some just starting out and some like Natural Rock’N- somewhere in the middle.

Overall it was a wonderful experience! I’m honored to have been chosen and I’m thankful for the opportunity! Unfortunately I was coping with a family members illness, so I wasn’t completely mentally or physically prepared for the beautiful event, but I put on the brave face and did my best.

Now let’s get those labels and some marketing help…

Thank you Black Girl Ventures and TikTok

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