Updates: Trichologist on board! Rebranding and more

Updates: Trichologist on board! Rebranding and more

  Once again, our shop has been taking a break..well kind of. During this break, owner C.Ivy was just finishing up her Trichology course!

  Trichology is the bridge between the salon hairdresser and your doctor. 
Here’s a look into What is a Trichologist is from Web MD



“Im not sure if I’ll be seeing clients yet, as I do have a-lot on my plate already. “

What does this mean for Natural Rock’N? Great news! 

• Even more knowledge of scalp disorders and hair loss 

• Greater understanding of hair growth and what hair needs to thrive 

• Dissmisal of the huge number of hair myths and downright lies out there such as - “pain is ok for your scalp, that means it’s growing! “

Look for more hair tips here on the blog or ask in person at our market days!
See you soon 

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