Which products suit me best ? Here’s How To Find Out!

Which products suit me best ? Here’s How To Find Out!

Here’s how to make shopping for your new favorite  Natural Rock’N goodies easier!

  This is a great resource for anyone who’s interested in a brand but doesn’t want to buy the wrong product for their particular beauty. If you’re like many others who say:

So my hair is curly, scalp is dry and my skin has adult acne “

..” my hair is wavy and my skin feels dry “

..”my hair is straighter and my skin needs aging support “

” my pimples are getting worse!”


”What works best for me?”

 We get it!

 We know the frustrations of our customers in deciding which products they should buy and to make the process easier the  answer is:




Often found on the website, this can help you find the particular product that was created just for your particular beauty issues. 

Get custom products recommendations that are created for your unique beauty like:

GALAXY HERBAL HAIR TEA - perfect hair food hibiscus, odor neutralizing moisturizer, expertly created for all hair types!



STUNNER CLARIFYING GEL WASH- organic west African black soap with Ayurvedic ingredients makes this a perfect choice for acne prone skin.

You never know what you’ll get , until you try it!

This quiz is usually quick and easy to move through delivering results and potentially a discount for joining as a email subscriber. 


Where can I find the quiz? 

Of course we’re going to help you with our own quiz! 
save 15% by joining our subscriber list as well. 
simply open this link below ⬇️ or find it on the front page of the website or in the sidebar menu.


 Happy Growing and Glowing ! 


by C.Ivy

founder, holistic trichologist

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