Why does my hair hurt when it’s dirty?

Why does my hair hurt when it’s dirty?

“Ouch! 😣 my hair hurts!” Huh?? 

Sounds weird doesn’t it? Seeing that hair is an extension of your body like fingernails , how is it hurting? 
 There’s a scientific reason behind that- let’s break it down. 


According to science it’s because: 

                     Dirt Actually Hurts! 

  Everyday on your scalp natural oils, products, and the environment collect around the hair shaft over time. This occurs naturally, but it builds up. 

Heres what a excerpt from Glamour Magazine has to say on the matter 

If you don’t wash your hair for awhile, oils that your scalp produces naturally accumulate around your hair shaft, promoting the overgrowth of yeast on your scalp” explains Joshua Zeichner, M.D., a New York City-based board-certified dermatologist and director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at Mount Sinai Medical Center.

  'That yeast that grows on your scalp is malassezia yeast, which lives on everyone’s bodies”, Zeichner explains.

Don’t freak out about it because the yeast-it’s naturally occurring in everyone. 

This can lead to skin inflammation which causes redness, itchiness, and scaliness. “In some patients, inflammation may manifest most with an ache,” he says.

   This buildup of yeasty, oily dirt hurts your hair even more if you skip wash day Ladies and Gentleman.

So that telling sensation of pain and ache in your hair is not you going crazy-yes it’s your hair actually hurting!

 This also explains that itchy crawling sensation on the scalp that can drive you mad!

I experienced it myself when I had my hair done, it was looking so good, and cost money! But it itched so much and my scalp was in pain! I couldn’t wait to take it down. 

 “When levels of the yeast rise, like when you don’t wash your hair for a few days, your body is more likely to react, causing the itchiness or discomfort” says Cynthia Bailey, M.D., a diplomat of the American Board of Dermatology and president and CEO of Advanced Skin Care and Dermatology Inc.,

What’s the solution?

  Don’t wait so long in between washing your hair. 

For optimal scalp health: If your hair is curly, coiled fluffy textured hair it’s recommended to wash hair weekly or biweekly . Straight hair and loose textures have to wash hair either daily or every two to three days due to faster oil build up. 

 • Do remove embedded dirt and dander by getting into the scalp with a shampoo scrub brush when washing your hair. Like this one from The Ouai pictured. 

 Rubbing your scalp shampoo brush in gentle massaging circular motions all over your scalp will clear the scalp of excess buildup , increase circulation and help bring relief to your aching hair and scalp. 

• Pick up shampoo, conditioner , oils & moisturizers with scalp comforting , anti fungal ingredients like tea tree oil and mint.

  These soothing ingredients are already included in our incredible balanced blends for your hair.  Finish up your wash day with GALAXY HERBAL HAIR TEA & JETSETTER DEEP MOISTURE HAIR OIL  both perfect for scalp comfort and keeping your scalp healthy and comfortable. 

Also look for these soothing ingredients  in STARSHIP our nourishing and clarifying organic west African shampoo to drop soon. 

  If you’re still having trouble with your hair hurting, it’s highly recommended that you book a consultation with a professional trichologist.There may be a medical reason why you’re not getting the scalp relief you deserve.

They are the bridge between your cosmetologist and your doctor. Many people enjoy the comfortable, friendly experience, saying it’s not definitely as scary as the doctor's office. 

   Your Trichologist can pinpoint the cause and will give you a comprehensive printed report to take to your doctor that can help determine a medical diagnosis. 

Until next time- Happy Growing! 


Holistic Trichologist, Founder 


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