A Rockstar’s Story




She tried it first in her crew, this natural beauty thing. She heard about natural hair-the alternative

Lil Rockstar was tired of her itchy scalp, dry hair and too much hair just breaking off. Also her skin was dull, the breakouts and hyperpigmentation lowered her self esteem.

Some of her crew & a couple Aunties snickered at lil Rockstar’s first clumsy natural beauty attempts, and told her to do something with her hair.

Lil Rockstar was determined.

Later on they stopped laughing and couldn’t believe their eyes. She had transformed into a full flourishing Rockstar!

Her giggling aunties and haters got so quiet.

Her true crew now asked “How did you get your hair to look like that?! so pretty & healthy! Soft skin, so clear like a little kid!”

She loves her makeup , but noticed she didn’t need to hide her skin with heavy makeup anymore. 

Rockstar’s got it! She had found Ayurvedic/ancient beauty inspired Natural Rock’N Beauty and her beauty routine was now rock solid.

Like you she was skeptical at first, asking “How come no one is shouting about this brand?”

But she remembered that being the first one to try or do something new and different isn’t always easy or popular.

Rockstar, her real friends, and even her two cool aunties are so glad she did!
- Rock on y’all!