Losing your Hair ? Hair not thriving? What you can do about it

• Balding 

• Thinning 

• Postpartum hair loss 

• Bald patches 

• Traction Alopecia

• Dandruff 

• Itchy scalp 

• Dry hair and scalp

• Damaged scalp 

• Damaged hair 


Q: Why should you see a trichologist ?
& What is a trichologist? 

A: See a trichologist if despite your best efforts your hair is not responding to your care, may not be retaining length or even being lost. 

A Trichologist is a practitioner who specializes in the medical and cosmetology care of the scalp and hair.

 Basically a hair scientist! Think of them as a crucial bridge between your salons cosmetologist and your Doctor. 

Natural Rock’N Beauty now has a Holistic Trichologist on duty. ( certification in progress) 

Meet C.Ivy certified holistic trichologist and STEM technologist! Ready to help with your hair and scalp care. 


 Holistic Care is care from the earth. We are proud to offer Ayurvedic inspired care and globally celebrated natural remedies . 

• Get your custom hair care routine to maximize your scalp health and retain your existing hair.

• Virtual Consultations available

• Works in harmony with clients Rx medical care

• Implement proven all natural remedies for scalp soothing , and effective hair care.

Get to the root cause of your hair issues. Stop guessing while still suffering.

You don’t have to accept losing your hair! 

With hair loss - the sooner you get help, the better the outcomes.

Do not delay starting trichology care.