Cheat code for stronger, healthier hair at The Rockstar Natural Hair Bar !

  •Want the cheat code to way easier natural hair?

• Want the freedom of locs, but not the commitment? 

Loose natural hair is gorgeous but can sometimes be a struggle! 


before work or school; time is running out and you’re still working on your hair, the curls didn’t set right, hair still damp! Grrr 😡 

I know that feeling…sigh

Anywho-I learned some things from growing my own braid-locks.

 I enjoyed my locs but I loved having my hair in the long term braids like these below ⬇️while locking. 

Why did I like these braids just as much as locs?

After I transitioned back into loose hair I returned to these braids! 

I was able to: 

• Wash easy & increase frequency 

• Color 

• Style quickly -easy overnight braid sets, bantu knot outs

• Shine increased 

• Dry quickly 

I actually missed these braids once my hair locked fully. 

Post loc takedown- my hair was very damaged, broken and brittle

•  My hair had time to restore unstressed from daily detangling and upkeep requirements needed for loose hair. 

Growing Stronger 

  I had to learn what not to do with my braids over time

• such as not seeing growth because my take downs were too rough handed ! 

Now as a Holistic Trichologist , I have fine tuned my braided twist system to be faster &  more convenient, avoiding itchy scalp, and I use way more caution during my takedowns. 

  So as a result you have the opportunity to have the best cheat code for natural hair in my opinion. 

From thin braids post Loc takedown 

To thicker and stronger hair - yes, these are the braids! 
When I take my braids down I let my hair loose for two weeks- too much work! I'm running back to my braided twists ! 

Rockstar Natural Hair Bar in 

Coastal Virginia- Book your appointment for this amazing cheat code for natural hair today 

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