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Natural Rock'N Hair and Body

Tribesman Mens Hair & Beard Balm 2 Oz

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Fellas we’ve got something just for you! 

  •Tired of the ladies in your life having all the good natural stuff for their hair, while you only have the same brands of pomades and hair dressings that’s been around since the 1950s? 

Guys need moisturized, healthy hair too right?

•Barbers are you looking a lightweight balm for just the right touch to pull off your clients final look? 

Want a scent that’s masculine friendly? easy to use and wash out? 

 •Applying old fashioned, heavy duty petroleum based pomades over and over after the barber/ hair wash can attract more dirt and sticky lint right back into your hair.

Dirty hair can look ashy, stiff and unhealthy. Tribesman hair balm is the answer! 

Star Power/How It Works

Shea Butter & Babassu blend

• Lightweight moisture retention 

• Botanical blend

• Facial hair softener & nourishment  

• Fast melt from opaque balm to transparent oil with body heat

• Fresh, light & clean scent 

• Nourishment for hair & scalp

•  Shine boost 



Hair & Scalp -

Fantastic on slightly damp hair or dry. Apply dime sized  amount of hair balm to hair and scalp. Massage in and brush in if desired. Great after washing hair with Saturday Star Hair Bar. 

Facial Hair-

Apply very small amount of balm to hands massage to melt apply to beard , mustache , goatee etc. brush in. 

Please reuse ♻️ and recycle this durable jar


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