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Natural Rock'N Hair and Body



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Lightweight moisture retention 

• Botanical blend

• Facial hair softener & nourishment  

• Fast melt from opaque balm to transparent oil with body heat

• Fresh, light & clean scent 

• Nourishment for hair & scalp

•  Shine boost 



Gentlemen, look no further! Do you find yourself frustrated with the limited options available to you since the 1950s, while the ladies can choose from a range of natural products? We've created something special just for you!


Barbers, make sure your clients get the perfect look with this lightweight balm! It offers a masculine-friendly scent, is simple to apply and washes out effortlessly. Plus, it helps promote the healthy growth of hair.


Star Power/How It Works


Repeated use of petroleum-based pomades after a barber cut or wash can draw dirt and lint particles in, making hair appear ashy, rigid, and unhealthy. Tribesman hair balm is the solution.


Shea Butter & Babassu blend



A subtle citrus aroma combined with traditional barbershop notes make Tribesman Hair & Beard Balm the perfect choice for a fresh, masculine scent. Men everywhere love it!


Hair & Scalp -

Fantastic on slightly damp hair or dry. Apply dime sized amount of hair balm to hair and scalp. Massage in and brush in if desired. Great after washing hair with Saturday Star Hair Bar. 

Facial Hair-

Apply very small amount of balm to hands massage to melt apply to beard, mustache, goatee etc. brush in. 

Please reuse ♻️ and recycle this durable jar

Star Ingredients

Shea Butter-Deep moisture and shine champion. Anti frizz, promotes hair growth. Helps scalp conditions and strengthen hair. Reduces hair loss and thickens.


Rosemary - Stimulating hair growth and improves circulation, prevent premature graying, helps dry and itchy scalp.


Natural Rock'N Hair & Body Beauty Co. LLC. Image result for Registered Mark Symbol Shea Butter, sunflower, coconut, avocado, babbasu,cocoa butter, apricot, hydrogenated castor,Natural Rock'N Hair & Body Beauty Co. LLC. Image result for Registered Mark Symbolbeeswax, arrowroot, rosemary,tea tree,aloe vera, lime, lemon, bergamot, pink grapefruit, peppermint, GSE, vitamin e.Natural Rock'N Hair & Body Beauty Co. LLC. Image result for Registered Mark Symbol

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